About us.


We come from a successful trajectory in receiving and hosting our clients in partner hotels that continue to be essential for us. Hence the idea: «why not have our own hotel and thus always offer our best for our clients’ experience in Tanzania?».  We discovered ourselves builders and understood that our purpose and motivation were amplified. But our mission remains the same: to show you our country, our passion, Tanzania. We invite you to celebrate this unique place in Lake Manyara with us. We will be together from your arrival until your departure. And we have no doubt that the memory of magical days and happy moments will make you come back again and again.

ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. The construction of Suricata Boma Lodge began shortly before the start of Covid-19 pandemic. The work was paralyzed for long periods for sanitary reasons. But we continued to work behind the scenes. We focused on finding local solutions for all of our constructions & interior design. We found and established strong relationships with all of our local suppliers & construction workers. Bioclimatic design strategies are present in order to balance the use of available natural resources and to limit energy consumption.

WATER. We are aware of our arid environment and the scarcity of water to feed local communities, flora and fauna in Tanzania and Africa. We kindly ask all our guests to use water responsibly. In the hotel we have three accesses to the water: (1). From rainwater collected from the roofs of the Main and Staff Buildings; (2). From an artesian well with salt water. This water naturally flows underground to Lake Manyara. Then it goes back into the soil by watering our gardens; (3). Public water system built by the hotel and connected 4 km away. This network provides five free public accesses to the potable water to local communities. We will continue to improve our processes, always seeking a more sustainable environmental performance.